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After seeing the immense hard work done by all the workers in the public services all around the world during this pandemia of COVID-19, we decided we want to contribute in this dificult times and help as well.

Unfortunately, Spain is one of the most affected countries by the coronavirus. It is assumed that long-term mesures will be put in place to prevent further spreading of the virus. The outcome of this actions might be that many of you, owners of properties here in La Marina Alta and La Marina Baja, will not be allowed to travel and enjoy, maintain and protect your property in 2020.

For your reassurance that your property is safe and no unexpected bills of water or electricity will suprise you, we offer you a FREE single visit to your property located in costas of La Marina Alta or La Marina Baja (no more than 15km inland).

Our FREE limited offer includes:

Limited to the first 50 customers

  • Detailed check of the EXTERIOR of your property and it’s surroundings from the street.

  • Close check for any potential problems such as flooding, damaged roof, palms or any other type of trees leaning dangerously, etc.

  • Water meter check

  • Electric meter check

  • Photos of the exterior of the property and its surroundings made from the street.

  • Photos of the public suppliers’ readings.

NO FURTHER OBLIGATIONS for any future contract with us !!!

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!!

To help even further during this pandemia, we are offering you the most affordable package any business can offer to take care of your home, but without cutting on the quality of our service.

You, the property owner, know the best the cost of maintaining a house and, also know if the problem (water leaks, flooding, dirty pool, connected electric device, robberries, squatters….etc) is not taken care of in early stages it can potentially bring unexpected large bills. If you want to keep your head free of worries about your property in Spain this discounted package we offer during this dificult time is for you.

Special offer - limited

Coronavirus Package - 35 Eur/month

21% VAT is not included in the price

No long-term contract obligation

    Package includes:

  • Two monthly inspections

  • Sight interior and exterior inspection of the owners property

  • Watering of the owners interior plants

  • Opening of doors and windows for general ventilation

  • Physical inspection of the owner‘s utilities-main supplies: gas, electricity and water (readings are recorded on the inspection checklist)

  • Flushing of the toilets to prevent cal deposits

  • Sight inspection of the cleanliness of the pool

  • Communication to the owner of any visible damage or repairs that need attention

  • Secure key-holding

  • Visit after storm when flooding was possible

You may want to include:

We would recommend this addition to our Coronavirus package, but we understand that it might not be essential for you. We would recommend to keep the garden presentable to prevent eventual robberies and problems with squatters: your property would visually looked inhabited which could help to avoid them

Gardening Coronavirus Package - 65 Eur/month

21% VAT is not included in the price

Available only with Coronavirus Package

Package includes:

  •  8 hours of gardening

Note: we cannot provide you with specifics to this service as it depends on size and type of the garden. We would always focus on the overall presentation of the garden.